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Wish List

Any good quality second hand items you have we can accept to either give to our children or poor families living in the community, or we can sell in our second hand Sharing Shop. If you would like to donate to cover items we desperate needs, here are some examples of thing we need…

CCD Project Wish list September2019

Wish list

Special Items Currently on CCD’s Wish List

Community Living


Food – 15,000 THB/month

Rent – 5,400 THB/month

Electricity – 1,330 THB/month

Water – 500 THB/month

Total – 22,230 THB

Details: CCD run two Independent living homes in the community for young people with disabilities. Currently there 8 young men living at Vision House. Their disabilities range from being wheelchair users to hearing impairment to learning difficulties.

Of the 8 boys living there 3 of them are still at school, 4 are now working for a furniture company, and 1 is employed by CCD. They live independently doing their own cooking, washing and housework but they still need support from CCD just like any other young people need parents – for advice, love and safety. The youngest is 16 and the oldest is 39.

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